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If you’re looking to take on a new design project, one of the most important things you can do is write a comprehensive design brief. Why? If you’re not able to clearly communicate your needs and expected results, how will the designer know what they need to do? You’ll waste lots of time (theirs and […]

DEALING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE I’ve been fortunate in that most of my working career I’ve worked with some terrific people. However there have been a couple of situations where I’ve witnessed or been involved in some hairy situations trying to deal with “different” personality types. This series is dedicated to working with difficult people, and […]

THE BUYER Buyers. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. It seems that they alone have the power to make or break your day, your month or even your year. The Gun Marketer needs to understand the Buyer if we’re ever to get what we want. I was given this from a manager I […]

THE HOSTILE AGGRESSOR This is the person who is always aggressive (whether they realize it or not). Often they’re emotional types – not likely to calm down no matter how hard you try. I was always taught to try and calm them down by acknowledging their concerns. Here’s how it would go: “you don’t understand, […]

DEVELOPING AN EVENT MANUAL Whether you’re hosting a small office party, co-ordinating a stand at a large trade show or hosting a client function, event planning and management has the potential to be both over-whelming and stressful. No matter what event you have to plan, there are certain elements you will need to factor in […]

I’ve often been in a position where I’ve been asked to evaluate an idea, product or service. Sometimes it’s easy – the proposition is way off brand, there’s no money in the budget or the request is simply unrealistic. But sometimes it’s not so easy – you might have to compare against another alternative or […]

In this series, I’d like to share with you some tips and tricks I’ve come across over the years. I’ve done loads of presentations, all of different types. I’ve spoken in front of small audiences (1-2 people), mid-sized audiences (10-15 people), some bigger audiences (say around 50) and some VERY large audiences (in the hundreds).  […]